The General Manager (CEO) of CO ORD-MED GmbH, Mr. Jörg Fait, started already in 1982 with his nonincorporated company to develop and build distribution structures, which allowed and protected the sales of human-medical products of leading German, Swedish and French pharmaceutical manufacturers in the former COMECON countries.

Economic and scientific connections were gathered in these countries and gynecological, urological and radiological products registered and distributed.
In addition, contacts with state authorities, medical education/training centres and to important key opinion leaders were established and expanded.

The nonincorporated company was converted into the CO ORD-MED GmbH in 1989 and has already achieved in the early 90s registrations for urological, radiological and gynecological products in other countries. Moreover, contacts had to be built up with the various social security systems, which fixed the refunds after occurred registrations.

Clinical studies in urological and gynecological university hospitals have been successfully initiated and completed. This entailed that transnational symposia were carried out in various countries in which doctors reported their research and treatment results and published in scientific journals.

This resulted in further training- and qualification activities, which were offered to the leading university hospitals to future specialists.

The core business of our export activities are the markets of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan as customs union, as well as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Malaysia.

The company now acts for approx. 30 years and sells its products partly with its own sales team, as well as via distributors and authorized dealers.

We have also in Hungary and the Czech Republic registered offices.
Since October, 2014 Germany also belongs to our exclusive distribution areas.

CO ORD-MED GmbH also distributes among others the product

crm Vurdex -  for vesico uretral reflux
Urodex SUI  - for stress urinary incontinence




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