Correction of endoscopic reflux with CRM ® VURDEX

Minimally invasive intervention with CRM ® VURDEX

An endoscopically performed anti-reflux procedure represents a minimally invasive intervention. In this case, transurethral endoscopic CRM ® VURDEX is applied with an injection needle between the mucous membrane (tunica mucosa) and muscle (muscularis) and connective tissue (adventitia) of the ureteral posterior wall at the level of the ostium.

Depending on the size of the ostium, the required volume of CRM ® VURDEX is injected as a submucosal cushion, which draws the mucous membrane of the ureteral posterior wall near to the ureteral anterior wall like a pad. Thus, the gaping ostium can be „shut“. The result is optimally achieved when the formerly gaping ostium appears as a crescent-shaped slit and the desired anti-fluxivity is achieved.


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